Improving Productivity While Working From Home

Improving Productivity While Working From Home

With the current global pandemic that is affecting the whole wide world, most companies have decided to allow their employees to work from home in order to prevent the spread of the virus. While some workers have found this time better spent as they get to be with loved ones more, others have not taken the same view, and have actually ended up less productive than they were at the office. Here, we would love to share some tips on how employees can increase their productivity while working from home. 


  1. Set up a schedule 

It is crucial to plan your schedule before starting with work and decide what are the things that you would like to achieve for the day. Take a few minutes after you wake up and think about the important tasks that are urgent and need to be completed and submitted by the specific day. This will help you to feel the urge of completing them which will result in satisfaction when you manage to get them done.


  1. Take your shower and change into proper attire

It is best to freshen up and get ready in the most comfortable outfit that can contribute to increasing your productivity while working from home. Despite not having to come to the office, wake up extra early to get ready as how you used to before and make sure you are wearing appropriate clothes in case your boss decides to do an impromptu meeting. 


  1. Have breakfast or coffee or both

Have you ever heard when people say, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”? This means it is always great to start your day by eating healthy breakfast food to keep you energized throughout the day. Besides, studies have shown how eating breakfast can enhance memory and concentration levels and it can also make us happier as it can improve mood and reduce stress levels.


  1. Set up a proper home office

A conducive environment is indeed helpful when it comes to improving your productivity level when working from home. Get yourself a set of table and chair in a room where your family members will not simply enter and disturb while you are working. It is also great to locate the table ideally so you won’t easily be distracted when you see something else that catches your attention. Investing in a good quality ergonomic chair is also beneficial in order to reduce back pain from having to sit for long hours in front of your laptop.


  1. Take a short break whenever needed

It is vital to have short time-offs when you are feeling overwhelmed from working straight for a few hours. It does not have to be an hour, a short 10 minutes is enough to clear your head before getting back to your work. Perhaps a coffee break would be helpful to ease your mind and keep you sane from all the tasks that you would love to achieve for that day.


  1. Reward yourself 

This is the most interesting part of working from home where you should always reward yourself after completing a difficult task. It is always wonderful when you manage to achieve a goal as it provides high-level satisfaction. Getting some ice cream or your favourite dessert can be a great way to celebrate your success in being productive at completing your job.


It is no doubt that working from home can be quite stressful for some people as they could not adapt to a new environment. However, it is always best to try out some tips that could be helpful in order to increase productivity while working from home.