10 Free Malaysia Business Directories for Businesses

Malaysia’s business directory is the most widely used for listing companies in Malaysia. These websites are credited with making it simple for users to find local businesses. Many businesses are looking to Malaysia because of its location. These listings cover every aspect of every business to help you grow your online business. Furthermore, the information on these directories is provided by professionals.


How To Make Use of Business Directory

If a business can utilize the available online business directory, it can gain more traffic and eventually contribute to the business revenue. For instance, if you want to contact a specific business’s distributor, it will be easier to accomplish with a directory rather than trying to find the information yourself. The information in these business directories is primarily up to date. It is usually updated with your business address, phone number, and email address. Besides that, businesses can also use the list as a referral source.

With these functions of business directories, business owners can survey which local business directories serve the proper purposes for their marketing objective. Here are the top 10 directories Malaysian businesses can utilize online to promote their business.


List of Top Local Business Directories

 1. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is a platform that assists Malaysians in discovering and experiencing brand awareness in the minds of consumers and business owners. They uphold the vision of becoming Malaysia’s top business directory by consistently providing their customers with enhanced services for listing directories and multiplatform advertising solutions that reach the widest audience possible or the broadest possible audience. On the other side, the mission of Yellow Pages is to provide its customers with integrated advertising solutions that effectively reach its target audience.

Have you heard of Yellow Pages? If yes, that’s because of the strong brand existence of Yellow Pages, which is one of their fundamental strengths in the local business directory market. Yellow Pages is also a global trademark with a 120-year history. Every year, millions of directories are distributed across the country, many are sent to strategic locations, and millions of people visit their websites. With the public backing and eye-catching promotions, we can keep the group as a ‘Top of Mind’ brand.

Yellow Pages Malaysia


2. Yellow Bees

Yellow Bees is a business directory and resource portal that provides everything you need to start and grow a business in Malaysia. This B2B business directory lists thousands of business suppliers, making it easy for any company to find the right services or suppliers. Aside from business listings, this online platform also publishes business resources (blogs, eBooks, and videos) specially curated for Malaysian businesses.


3. DoBusiness

DoBusiness.my aspires to be a driving force in the digitalization of Malaysian enterprises. This is accomplished by offering a complete directory that assists Malaysian firms in gaining more internet visibility for their brands, goods, and competitive edge, allowing the listed businesses to be found in local and international searches.

DoBusiness. my’s ultimate goal is to be more than simply a platform, but a conduit that can help Malaysian businesses produce more leads, income, and market presence by utilizing the power of digital. So check it out if you want to harvest more traffic to your business.


4. MalaysiaListings

Malaysia listings is also a free online business listing directory in Malaysia. The website assists in locating Malaysian companies, service providers, products, and all types of businesses. 

5. Bizinfo

Our Binzinfo Malaysia is also one of the platforms that channel the most significant businesses in the Malaysian market and records them in a comprehensive directory on which you can rely. We understand how important it is for you to have all of the critical information at your fingertips. 



6. Drivenoon

Drivenoon.com is a newly launched Business Directory for Malaysian business users. Drivenoon is committed to increasing the visibility of small businesses through advertising and marketing solutions. This is a free business directory designed to assist small businesses.

7. Yalwa

Yalwa provides business directories that have been reviewed in 50 countries and five languages. Are you looking for a trustworthy and simple-to-use business directory? Yalwa allows you to access your business listing 24 hours a day, add pictures and a description, and share it with others in various ways. List your company in the Yalwa business directory and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to advertise!

8. Yelp

Yelp is a website and a smartphone app that connects customers with excellent local businesses. Yelp is a community-based website that helps customers find unique local businesses, and it is now officially available in Malaysia. Malaysia is the newest addition to the Yelp family, with over 71 million local reviews posted worldwide, providing Malaysians with another avenue for finding the best local food, services, and everything in between.

Yelp Malaysia

9. Bizly

Another established platform that offers a free Malaysia business directory – Bizly. Users can search for local businesses and services listed in Malaysia on Bizly. For business owners, your listed company can gain an online presence, boost your SEO, and get discovered more!

10. Enroll Business

Last but not least, you also have the chance to advertise your local business for free on this platform. Just listing your business on this platform can help increase your customer base’s reach as your business profile may be searched through the search engine.