4 Important Signs Your Construction Site Needs Pest Control

Pests are considered the natural enemies in urban and human environments that feed not only on the crop but can be damaging to your crucial construction sites as well.  Several methods are used to control the damage caused by these nasty beasts including biological as well as chemical means. They are also controlled by using a process such as; exclusion, repulsion, physical removal, or using pesticides and insecticides.   Here are some of the most common varmints that could be damaging your construction sites:

  • Rats
  • Termites
  • Mice
  • Wasps
  • Pigeons
  • Ants
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons

Pests infestation can cause massive destruction of incomplete structures and raw materials along with the loss of staff due to any sickness or injury caused by these pests. All of this can result in the loss of revenue, budget, money, time, labor, etc.   Hence, it is always a matter to be extra cautious.   If you are working at a construction site or own it lookout for some of these signs for construction pest control:

Massive Damage to the building’s infrastructure:

Damage to the building’s material is a red alert indication of the presence of pests. To survive, these parasitic pests need a nest to live in. Construction sites are the best source for them to nest in due to readily available stocks of materials and infrastructure. They especially hunt for materials like; cardboard packaging, timber, ropes, wires, insulation, etc to build their homes.   Look for these damages at your construction sites:

  • Damage to woods by Rodents and Squirrels via their feces and hair
  • Damage to insulation and electrical wire due to chewing and bedding
  • Destruction of woods caused by wood–loving carpenter ants and termites
  • Bird nests around windows and ledges etc.


Pest Droppings:

If you are not sure of pest invasion, look out for droppings. Pest droppings are a clear sign that your construction side is now invaded by these beasts. It is not only unhygienic but can also cause permanent damage to timber, stonework, and more.   Save yourself from the troubles and take immediate measures for construction pest control.

The flock of Birds:

Construction sites and not just attractive to rodents or mice but are also a great source for birds to reside in. These sites make a great shelter for them; especially at night.   Hence, keep your eye open for the flock of birds hovering and gathering at your construction site. This could be a clear indication that these birds have found a new habitat in your timber and woods.

Spreading of sickness:

A sudden spread of sickness could also be a vital sign to not miss for pest invasion. An illness or sickness could so easily spread because of pests’ droppings or contaminated food. These pest infestations could be deadly for the workers and staff. Hence, if you notice an unusual bout of illness sweeping around you must take immediate action for construction pest control.

Final thoughts:

Pest invasion could damage not only your construction sites but will also eat away your health and money. Construction sites are the most common source of pest attacks. So, save yourself, your money, and time and take absolute measures for control.   Contact the most reliable pest control services such as Envirocon Pest Management and get rid of these pests in no time.   You will not be disappointed with their incredible service and dedication.