Going Green: How Can Businesses Benefit From Being Environmentally Friendly

The fight for a greener and sustainable planet has experienced a gradual increase in momentum as more businesses are adopting an eco-conscious mindset. To emphasise their commitment to walk the talk, these 17 giant corporations, such as McDonald’s, Google, Tesco and Toyota, have went as far as adopting the green initiative into their corporate social responsibilities – proving that it is possible to sustain a business without harming the environment. In fact, American aerospace manufacturer, Pratt & Whitney, successfully cut back their raw material consumption by 90% and simultaneously reduced the number of ingots waste as well as factory emissions, without deterring neither their business nor annual revenue.

But, the benefits do not end there as operating an environmentally friendly business will be tremendously beneficial for your business too! Here is what you stand to gain when you go green:


1. You will save a heap of cash

When you adopt eco-friendly measures to keep your company afloat, you kill two birds with one stone by increasing output while lowering operation costs. For example, when you use solar panels to generate electricity, you will greatly reduce your electricity bill and it can even serve as an investment opportunity. Meanwhile, harvesting rainwater can help you reduce your water bills, just as using reusable cups instead of disposable cups will lower your monthly expenses. These changes might seem infinitesimal, but trust us, your annual bills will be saved by a huge chunk – a chunk that can be channeled to other aspects of your business.


2. An increase in consumer demand

Today, more Malaysians are demanding for natural products while expecting social responsibility through sustainable and green practices from vendors, suppliers, manufacturers alike. The best part? They are willing to fork out the cash for it. Promoting your environmentally friendly methods will also set you apart from your competitors and increase your chances of retaining customers and staff due to one simple factor: social responsibility. After all, which customer would not be impressed with a socially responsible company? Speaking of impressing…


3. You can impress your investors too

Green initiatives have been advocated throughout Malaysia for many years now through a multitude of programmes such as the Government Green Procurement (GGP) which ensures all procured products and services adhere to the environmental criteria and standards for protecting the environment and its natural resources; the Sustainable Development Initiatives, which compromise the Go Green Campaign, Computer Recycling Project as well as the World Forestry Day sponsorship. With more focus is given to green initiatives couple with the vast investment opportunities that lie within renewable energy, it is natural for investors to spend their money on environmentally-minded businesses. Before you know it, you will find it slightly easier to raise capital than before.


4. You will advocate for sustainability

When your business is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact, it will inherently make your business and the hardworking men and women that helped build your company, eco-warriors. As a matter of fact, the success of any new green policies heavily depends on the assistance and cooperation of a green team; when your team believes in the initiative, it will soon become a part of the company culture and subsequently, translate on the façade of the company. With time, your business might be the reason why more consumers are opting for greener products from eco-friendly companies. 

Ultimately, operating an environmentally friendly will put you on the forefront of ushering in a new era — one that proves corporations can co-exist with the environment; one where the businesses of today will not rob future generations of a clean world. Let us know if you will be including “Green Initiative Proposals” in your next meeting agenda!



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